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Non-invasive cosmetic treatments for your ever-evolving skin, It can also help you treat facial scars and other areas of the skin with uneven pigmentation.
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Take Care & Nurture Your Face, It Will Stay With You Forever!

“Nature gives you a desirable face at twenty: It’s up to you to merit the face you have at fifty” ~ Coco Chanel

Believe it or not, understanding the skin’s aging process can help you take a wise decision for perfect skin. As we age the structure of our skin changes, the main and the basic reason could be the amount of collagen produced. You must know that Collagen and hyaluronic acid acts as the scaffolding and building blocks for healthy plump skin.

But there is nothing to worry! Contour Lasers & Skin Concepts will help you to detect and deal with all the signs of aging and will also provide you with the top regimen tips and non-invasive cosmetic treatments for your ever-evolving skin.

Amongst all the other aesthetic skin treatments, Laser Skin Resurfacing is one of the most popular and highly recommended treatment by dermatologists. This is a new skin-reviving treatment, that is used to rejuvenate dull and wrinkled skin. It can also help you treat facial scars and other areas of the skin with uneven pigmentation.

So, before you decide anything, take a step back from all the hype you’ve come across earlier and read the following routine to identify & understand the reason behind your early signs of aging at every age.

During the 20s

This is the age and also the time to manage your skin and give it proper care. Because, even a youthful skin requires nourishment and extra care, to determine your skin during the 30s & 40s. To have an explicit understanding of the importance of skin care at 20s means, you’re seeking all the required preventive measures.


  • First and foremost, wear SPF! It’s so essential in maintaining your skin.
  • Use the soft and gentle exfoliators.
  • Laser treatments like Photofacials can be very helpful in treating splotches and lack of firmness of the skin.

During the 30s & 40s

This is the time when the aging becomes evident. When you are in your 30s, there is a reduction in the new skin cells formation and the skin might appear to be dull, uneven.


  • You can start using Botox and fillers
  • Also, you can opt for Non-invasive laser treatments like Ultherapy or VShape Ultra.

During the 50s & Beyond

During the menopausal and post menopausal years, the aging process accelerates rapidly and skin elasticity, skin tone starts to Detroit. Loss of moisture is also a huge concern during these years.


  • You can try out Dermal filler or Nova Threads which will redefine your facial shape.
  • Also, try Cool Sculpting which is a fat-freezing technology, that will deal with stubborn fat.

Visit Contour Laser & Skin Concepts to receive a broader spectrum about your skin related issues at every stage of your growing years. You can even receive free consultation and advice from our experts.

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